Venue & Travel

Badji Mokhtar University (Arabic: جامعة باجي مختار‎), also called Annaba University or UBMA, is located in Annaba, on the north eastern coast of Algeria. Founded in 1975, it is organized into 7 faculties.

The university has 45000 students, 2210 lecturers, and 1900 administrative and support staff. UBMA offers courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Every year over 8,000 national and international graduate and postgraduate students choose the university for study. UBMA is involved in bilateral exchange agreements.


The university is 9 km distant from the center of the city, 14 km from the airport and 9 Km from the railway station

Travel :

  • Reaching the Venue by plane :

    The Annaba airport serves several national and international destinations including the capital Algiers and several French cities (Paris, Marseille, Lyon…….).

    From the airport several options are offered to the traveler to reach the city: by taxi at a price between 600-1000DZD or by bus for  150-200DZD. To get to the university, from the city you must take another taxi, a bus or a train.

  • Reaching the Venue by Car :

    From the city,  take the national road N16 and then the W56 communal road to reach the Badji Mokhtar University -Annaba- campus Sidi Amar, where the conference will be held.

  • Reaching the Venue by Taxi :

    Getting from the city to the conference venue, by taxi, costs 400 DZD.

  • Reaching the Venue by Bus :

    To take the bus, you have to go to the street Khemisti Mohamed and take the bus No. 25 “Sidi Amar” which will take you directly to the Badji Mokhtar Annaba University at a cost of 25DZD

  • Reaching the Venue by Train :

    Not far from the bus station always near Rue Mohamed Khemisti, train station with all the University for being 2 hours and at a cost of 30DZD