About Annaba

Annaba,  informally known as Balad al-Unnâb (بلد العنب ), and Bona is a city in the north-eastern corner of Algeria near the Seybouse River.  It is 600 km from the capital Algiers and about a hundred km from the Tunisian border. Annaba  is the fourth largest city in Algeria and  a leading industrial centre. Economically, it is the centre for various dynamic activities, such as industry, transport and finance.

Annaba is also an important centre for tourism. It is a coastal town with mountains, hills, foothills and plains. The mountains around Seraïdi reach 1080 m, making it a major attraction. Other locations that draw tourists attention are the West Bay, “Djenane el Bey”, “Ras el Hamra” and “Ain Achir” beach. A new Sheraton hotel has opened in Annaba in December. Annaba has a Mediterranean climate with long, hot, dry summers, and mild, wet winters.

The city is also one of the oldest cities in the country, she was born 1295 years BC and plenty of historic-see places, draws the least to say is that a stay Annaba remains in the memory of all who had the opportunity to visit.



Hotels :

The city has a number of hotels including:


Hotel Distance From Venue Single (DZD)(**) Double (DZD)(**)
Sabri (****) 11 KM 9800 11000
Le Majestic (***) 9 KM 8200 9800
Rym El Djamil (***) 12 KM 9300 10800
Seybouse International (****) 9 KM 10100 12300
Mimosa Palace (***) 9 KM 5700 6800
El Mountazah (***) 19KM 5200 6800


(*): 1euro=123 Algerian Dinar (DZD)

(**): The prices are provided for illustrative and are subject to changes.